Cotton duck with a modern kilim rug print. Blue to minty green shades and pastel yellow.

Top Hat - Niya Kilim

  • The brim of every Captn-Crop Top-Hat is reinforced with an aluminum wire. It’s not only strengthening the hat itself, but also gives you the option to shape the brim as you like!


    Lining: Black cotton sweatband, outside fabric


    Height:  optional - choose between 9cm/11cm/13cm or even 15cm

    🛈 Pictures show the height of 11cm and a side view of 9cm. 

    Hatband:  black cotton fabric (can be customized in any color/fabric upon request)

  • Use a flexible measuring tape as is customary for sewing. You can, however, also use a piece of twine and then measure it with a ruler.

    Fix the front end of the measuring tape in the middle of the forehead, just below the hairline. Place it just above the ears around the head. The tape measure should not be too tight.

    The measured value corresponds to the hat size. If you want to be safe, you can add an extra 0,5 cm. You can easily make a hat slightly smaller, bigger is not so easy ...