This Backpack is made from a sturdy yellow fabric with stains of rust and dirt, recycled from an old umbrella that we found in an abandoned hotel in Bavaria.


For the bottom of the backpack, we used a piece of mat black leather. The Back, as well as the complete inside, is reinforced with water-resistant Cordura and a layer of thick foam, to keep your goods dry and safe!


  • easy roll-closing with 2 buttons on top.
  • adapt the size easily with strap and buckle.
  • easy accessible pocket with button on the left side for bike lock etc. (17x20cm)
  • pocket with zipper on right side (18x25cm)
  • big pocket inside with zipper (28x30cm)
  • Finishing with pieces of mat black leather.
  • Bottom, the back part and the shoulder straps filled with soft foam.
  • Water-resistant through strong, PU-coated Cordura lining.

Rolltop - Yello Umbrella


Lining: Strong, water-resistant Cordura (PU-coating)

Measurement:  45cm (62cm)  x 30 cm  x 15 cm