Sand cotton fabric with a wax coated surface. Water-resistant, intense mat color and smooth haptic.


For the bottom of the backpack, we used a piece of mat black leather. The Back, as well as the inside, is reinforced with water-resistant Cordura and a layer of thick foam, to keep your goods dry and safe!


  •  Super easy Captn-Crop carabiner closing.
  • One pocket on the cover with a zipper, and one inside with velcro closing.
  • Finishing with pieces of mat black leather
  • Bottom, the back part and the shoulder straps filled with soft foam.
  •  Water-resistant through strong, PU-coated Cordura.

Backpack - Sand Wax


Closing: Black carabiner and drawstring fastener.

Lining: Strong, water-resistant Cordura (PU-coating)

Measurement:  43 cm  x 30 cm  x 15 cm