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Reuterstr. 52 - 12047 Berlin


Every product we make, we can fully customise for you. Choose your size,  your favorite fabric or any extra feature... we're happy to make your ideas come true!


Except for our unique pieces, every product in our online shop is made on demand. Once you place your order we take the fabric out of our shelves and start making your ordered item.


In our Berlin store you can browse through the endless depths of our fabric storage until you found your perfect match; or just bring your own fabric, whether you want a cap from your old shirt or your own painted canvas.


Online, for every product we selected some fabrics that are working well and look good due to the size of the pattern, thickness, durability and other needs in terms of style, quality & functionality.

But of course we can make almost any product from almost any fabric. So if you see a fabric online on a certain product, be sure we can most probably make it with another item as well. Just ask us!




 We offer all our products in different sizes.

And in case you're not sure what size you want or need, in our online shop every product we customise has an extra info about the measurements and optional sizes.


Our Bum Bags are offered in 4 sizes, our backpacks in 3, our caps from XXS to XXL & the hats in any size you need!


How to measure your head?

A flexible measuring tape as is customary for sewing is best suited to measure the head circumference. In case of need, however, a piece of twine can also be used (these can be simply lead around the head and then measure with a normal measuring tape /ruler).

Then face a mirror. Fix the front end of the measuring tape in the middle of the forehead & put it just above the ears once around the head. The tape measure should just be as thight as you want your hat to be.
If you want to be safe, you can add an extra 0,5 cm.



If you do not know your friends head size, or simply can't decide, just give away one of our handmade vouchers from old wooden boards.
Come visit us in our store and "load" the voucher with an amount of your choice & hand it out to your friend


If you can't to make it to our studio, we also offer digital GIFT CARDS for our online shop.


How does your shop work? What is in stock & what gets customized?

In our shop you can decide between ready made items (unique pieces or products from the chateau) or get your product fully customized.

All products which have a banner or telling you the size, are in stock and ready to be yours.

All the other items where you have to choose a size or anything else we customize for you after you set your order.

What fabrics do you use and where do they come from?

We strive to use as much as possible of what is available around us. Upcycling used materials is most important to us. Our materials which aren't recycled, like wax cotton or corduroy are all cotton based & produced under fair conditions.

Can I bring my own fabric?

We're always happy to create your hat from your own materials.

Bring your broken shirt, your grannie's old sofa fabric, whatever you like, we can make use of almost everything!


Can I wash my hat?

You can wash all our hats. The brim of all caps is made from recycled plastic and the top hats are connected mainly by waterresistant glue and pressure. We recommend to wash your hat in a washing machine or even better in a dish washer at max. 40 degrees. If you want to be totally sure, wash it by hand or at the gentle cycle of your machine.

To dry just pull them over any similar shape (bucket or ball) and let it hang for a while.

All wax cotton products clean only with a brush or a wet sponge!

Something broke, can you fix it?

We want you to have fun with our creations as long as possible. That's why quality is so important to us! 

But in case something breaks we are happy to fix it for you! bring it over or send it to us and we will give our best to make it last as long as possible!

My hat doesn't fit, can I return it?

Of course you can return every item, especially when your hat doesn't fit, we're happy to exchange it for you!

But please bear in mind, that we customise most of our products specially for you.  

How long does the production take?

All products that are in stock (like unique pieces or chateau products) we usually ship the next day.

 All the custom orders will normally be processed within 3-5 workdays, depending on the order itself and on the current order situation.
In busy times it can take a bit longer though. Thanks for understanding.


We ship worldwide. Depending from where you placed your order, shipping can take between 2 and 14 workdays.

National shipping in Germany with DHL ususally takes 1-3 workdays.

Shipping inside the EU takes approx. 3-7 workdays. (Deutsche Post/tracked) 

Worldwide international shipping takes usually 5-14 workdays. (Deutsche Post/tracked)

For international shipping we also offer DHL premium which takes about 3-5 workdays.