At the moment we are getting a lot of messages from our costumers because of the delayed delivery to the United States. We are really sorry for this situation but our hands are tied. We ourselves are very dissatisfied with it and can understand your displeasure!
The German shipping service guarantees delivery within 41 days according to the current status. We have seen that many packages do not reach our customers even after this time.
Even when paying for premium shipping (the parcels will be transported faster by plane from here to the states, but there will also be delays on the American side.)

The German Post informed us that the American shipping services could not forward the parcels because the Post in America is currently having major problems with delivery. So not just problems related to the global pandemic and delays caused by it.
So we will still deliver to the States because we have seen the packages arrive after a really long time. The only thing we cannot say on our part is when the package will reach our customers.
We apologize for this chaotic and unsatisfactory situation and hope that everything will be better soon.

Thank you very much for your patience and your trust.

Stay safe, your Captn Crop team

Attention! Order delay due to high number of orders right now